Letter to My Children (January 27, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     It was your own father's birthday. You did not call, and we called you. You did not write, and we texted you. We were crying inside for you. You are breaking our hearts every single day.  Please call and talk with us. This is not God. We are reaching out to you. We want you, we love you, we forgive you, we ask you to forgive us if we have done you any wrong. God would never tell anyone to do to us what you are doing. God loves....always. I do not accept your wrong behavior, but out of love, I will always reach out to you. How can you keep crushing us and taking pleasure in your own lives. It is a reproach to all that is good and virtuous and true and Godly. 

Love always with tears,
Your mom

Letter to Pastor Scott (January 22, 2014)

Dear Pastor Scott,

     Again I am writing asking you to please let my children go.  You did not respond to my previous requests to restore my children, so I plead with you to hear me again.  If I have done anything to offend you I beg your forgiveness. You have always been someone I looked up to, the referral of your character by Pastor Wayne was sterling.  And then you had my husband put me away in motels and apartment for 93 days.  Not because I had done anything evil, but as an experiment. Because my husband was always complaining.  Your own deacons ALL protested, but you insisted.  Pastor M***** (asked to remain unnamed) told me that you regularly put down people who are godly, in order to lessen their influence in their own families.  Why do you do this?
     Because I considered you a godly man, I referred your ministry to many.  Today with so few men of godly character willing to stand up and preach the Word of God in America with no thought of personal gain, you seemed heaven-sent.  Which is why I must beg you to stop the deeds you are doing behind-the-scenes.  Deeds of sending mothers away from children, telling children to run away from their own parents if they leave Calvary, telling husbands to divorce and ruin their wife financially, and cast off children who do not attend Calvary.  Deeds of allowing lies to be spread about children's parents and not even bothering to seek out the truth and clarify them, thereby discrediting parents to their own children and placing you first in their hearts as to who they should obey. Deeds of taking simple scriptures like 'if any man loves father or mother more than me, he is not worthy of me' and saying to children that loving a mother/father that disagree with you, Sir, means those children do not love God.
     Sir, I am not bitter with you.  I pray for you to see the error of your ways and reconcile all the families destroyed by this logic you use.  It is sad that the many associate pastors and deacons who have left your ministry over the years, are not reaching out to you to show their love and warnings from the bible, and help and support you to do the right thing.  Several have said they tried but you would not listen. But Jesus does not stop reaching out when we don't listen.  He keeps on reaching out to a 'disobedient and gain saying people'.  He knew he would be rejected by his own, but he came anyway.  Because love SEEKS.  We are the object of His love, you are the object of his love Sir, and as I have already mentioned, I will tell my children to honor any man who can admit and right his wrongs.  That takes integrity and courage rarely seen today.  But I know what Jesus can do, and believe you could be one of those men.
     Please do not separate our children any longer.  We ache for them.  They will do what you tell them, because I taught my children to trust those in authority.  I can give you dozens of references for my character, your own people gave me cards testifying to my character, my husband has admitted to pastors and friends and family he has difficulty being truthful.  He said he only put me away because you said to.  And my own children had written countless cards of loving admiration right up until one month before you sent me away.  Sir, it is ok to admit you were wrong.  Please don't let pride devastate our family one minute more.  Jesus is coming quickly.  Let the exhortation of Ezekiel 34 remind you, as a shepherd for Jesus' flock, not to destroy men's lives, but to seek and save, bind up and heal.
     Many people you have not met are praying for you Pastor Scott, not for your destruction but for repentance and a return to the joy of serving God in spirit and in truth, John 4:24.  You know probably any one of your former pastors or deacons who love Jesus, would be happy to share their hearts with you, if you wanted to talk to them.  They must still love you, they served with you for years.  A friend loveth at all times.  Ask them to help you.  Sometimes the people closest to us are afraid of hurting us, so they won't tell us the truth, hoping some one else can.

In the love of Christ,
Mrs. Molly Fitch

Letter from Sydney (January 8, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     I have been putting this off because I have been so angry with all of you. How you can believe such lies told about your mother and others who you know are godly people is unfathomable, but I am going to write what God has laid upon my heart.
     You don't know the true cause of your mother being kicked out of Calvary Temple because you will not hear her side of the story. That is completely unscriptural, Proverbs 18:13 says "If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Or maybe you do know that the things you are being told are not true but you are choosing to ignore the convicting of the Holy Spirit in order to please the men you call your pastors.  How can you obey men rather than God?  And they are just men! You must stop treating them like they are gods. Like Paul, they are the chief of sinners because they too have been destroying Christians just like he did by destroying families. And you too have blood on your hands because of your very silence. Repent! It is not too late! Bring these deeds to the light and expose those who have been allowed to get away with murder, so to speak. What does Star Scott have to do in order to get you to see that you must not justify everything he does? Stop turning a blind eye to Scott’s reprehensible deeds. Most of what I have just said is for you Jonathan, but you are all accountable.
     Have you ever wondered why your mother is such a target?  Here is a telling question: is there even one of you who has spent a whole hour crying out in agony because of your sin? Since before you were babies your mother has felt her unworthiness before a great and holy God and has spent entire nights confessing sin and reveling in His love.  He is merciful, not a monster ready to stomp on us. She was put out from the church because she spoke the truth and had a great influence on people because she is a godly woman with great discernment. The only thing she was ever misled in was trusting the men at Calvary Temple. You know how many young people she sent there which is something she will always regret. If you would only listen to the truth! You are raising your children without the godliest influence they could have: your mother. And there will never be another person who loves you more than her.  She will take you back with open arms when you come out. You will never be able to restore all that you have stolen from her, but she has forgiven you.
     Read I Corinthians 13; do you have even a niggling doubt about the hatred you show towards your mother? The self-righteousness? Think on these things! Wake up before it is too late! Remember that God says, "All things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with Whom we have to do" (Hebrews 4:13) and that "nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret but that it should come to light” (Mark 4:22).  
     What more can I say to admonish you?  I plead with you...turn from deception and walk in The Truth. Remember..."Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6). Follow Him. No position in your church is worth the price you are paying or the incredible pain you are bringing to your mother and others. Answer me honestly…if you lost your wealth, good looks and important jobs do you think you would still be in positions of favor in the church?  Turn from your present course and choose to do what is right. There is hope, 1 John 1:9 says, "If we confess our sins He is faithful to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." The God who requires righteousness has also provided The Way to attain it; turn to Him now.
After all that I can truly write this: I love you all.  We are here for you.

Mrs. Case