Letter From Patty to Family and Friends (October 28, 2013)

Dear Calvary Temple,

      I am writing this letter to my friends and family of Calvary Temple for the purpose of bringing into the light the "other side of the matter". Proverbs 18:15 “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” When I first began to attend Calvary Temple, I was a new believer and had not attended any other church. I moved from Connecticut to attend CT and remained almost 25 years. It has now been five years since we left CT, however, our son Joey remains. We were not allowed to attend Joey and Candace’s wedding nor have we met our first grandchild Cali. This has broken our hearts and I believe it has broken the heart of God.
      In the months leading up to the time I left CT, God began to challenge me concerning my growth in the Lord. I knew I was doing the right things such as going to services, prayer, and being involved in ministry, but I felt further from God than when I had first entered Calvary Temple. I began to go before the Lord with my desire to hear from Him and Him alone. I prayed specifically that I would only hear the Voice of the Lord and not the voice of Pastor Scott or any other man. One night, until four in the morning, I was in agony for myself and my family. After these many hours of prayer, I heard from God clearly. He spoke three things to me that I then shared in a meeting with Pastor Scott.
They are as follows:

1. There is no respect at Calvary Temple for one another's personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. They have replaced the Holy Spirit with a man.
3. Calvary Temple is a man-centered church, not Christ-centered.

     Several events also troubled me. One morning I was having breakfast with Michelle Freeman. Bea Robinette observed us and reported this to Danny Johnson. At our next home group meeting, Danny rebuked me for speaking with Michelle Freeman. My response to Danny was that as a 47 year old woman, I could decide for myself if I should or should not have breakfast with someone. I let Danny know that I was not afraid of being misled or influenced by Michelle. I had confidence that God could speak to me.
     After this, I started to study the scriptures concerning some of the things I was hearing from Pastor Scott. Also, our deacon was telling us things we needed to do in the disciplining of our children and the running of our household that we knew were Ron’s [my husband] authority. I began to contact other ministries such as Charles Stanley, David Wilkerson, and Focus on the Family. I talked with (ten of them) and several told me to take my family out of Calvary Temple immediately. One of them referred me to a website about abusive and cultish churches. (such as http://www.wickedshepherds.com/aberrationsinanabusivechurch.html)
     Another situation was the "diploma night". (The night Pastor Scott told the deacons to decide which of the young people in their groups should be labeled wolves and leaven). I felt spiritually and physically ill because I did not think this event was of God. Scripturally, we only see Jesus as the One who can separate the sheep and the goats. (Matthew 25:31-46) I also knew that if Pastor Scott was truly hearing from God, he did not need Greer and Kimberly whispering in his ear. If this was of God, and He was prompting some of the young people to repent, (and some of them needed to repent) then why did Pastor Scott call them to come get their diplomas back again? I really believed the entire evening was a misuse of Pastor Scott's pastoral authority. In a meeting with Pastor Scott in which we discussed the diploma night and other issues, Pastor Scott called Ron and I "pains in the neck" 5 separate times. I did not understand why he would call us that when we were genuinely trying to get our questions answered. But at that point, I knew that I could no longer remain in a ministry that would respond to me in this way. We shook hands and as I left, I knew I would not come back.
     Upon our leaving, Peter and Philip [two of our sons], left with us. We began to attend Cornerstone Chapel (and we have been attending and serving there ever since). Steve [our son] stayed at Calvary. Pastor Jeff called the high school to a meeting and instructed them to no longer talk with the Simoneau boys as they were not Christians. Joey was told that if Ron and I would sign over custody of Peter and Philip to him, then they could attend school at CT. Ron and I refused, saying that God had given our children to us and we were responsible for nurturing and admonishing them in the Lord. Shortly thereafter, Danny Johnson told Stephen that his father no longer had spiritual oversight over him. Steve disagreed and left.
     I believe the destruction of marriages and families has been based on a few scriptures that have been taken out of context. I have written this to ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to study the scriptures to see if what they are being taught is what Jesus actually taught and walked out.

1 John 2:6 “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.”

     Though we have experienced trials in these past 5 years, we have also known God's unending mercy, patience, healing and forgiveness. We have especially seen God's grace at work in our boys as they continue to draw closer to Him. We are persevering in prayer to trust that our Heavenly Father will complete the good work that He has begun in each one of us.

Letter to My Children (October 22, 2013)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     Was going through photo's today, looking for some to make a card
for Jordan in Afghanistan.  So many good memories.  Our love for each
other so apparent in the photo's.  It is time to come home children.
We love you all, bring your babies, and come home.  We will comfort you
and walk through the pain of making wrongs right together.
      No more pretending that this is Christlikeness to destroy your family.
Joshua bring your wife home, bring our little Bean home, Jonathan bring
your wife and our little Jackson home.  Sarah bring your husband and our little
PennyRose and the newest to come baby - home.  We love you, if you need
us to come to you we will.  I was there all last year, even when locked out of our
house, even when you threatened to call the police if I kept waiting at your door to
see you, even when you told me to go away, when you didn't answer the phone,
didn't call on our birthday or Christmas, didn't answer our calls on your birthdays,
didn't receive our gifts.  Also came your NY family and friends, aunts and uncles,
cousins, old CCA friends, old pastors and their wives, missionary friends....we have
all tried and tried to reach you, to talk, to hug you, to reason with you.  And even
though your response has been stony silence, we will keep on reaching out anyway we can.
With all the love and forgiveness that Christ has given us.

Your own mom

Letter to My Children (October 10, 2013)

My dear children,

     Every morning for these past 2 years, I wake with prayers for you on my heart.  This morning, Noah and I are still coughing, and sitting talking about Jesus.  When suddenly recalled the name of a song which was saved on my computer in Virginia, a song loved since first hearing it as a teenager just born again. Baruch Adonai, and Baruch Ha Ba  B'shem Adonai. So we found it on youtube and began to sing along.  Noah was dancing, and I thought how soon God will wipe away all our tears. All the pain and sorrow will be forgotten, all the evil will be vanquished, He will take us to himself.
      We have received pictures from people at Calvary of Joshua's wedding.  It is hard for us to speak of it, the ache is tremendous. Lots of tears, and silence.  Yesterday someone mentioned how they had received a note from a local pastor, who hadn't slept in 24 hours, but had spent it in prayer for our family. The tears of folks who hear of what you are doing to your family, are precious. There are no words to say, no accusations, or condemnation, because it is so obviously the devil who steals, kills, and destroys.
     I love you, I forgive you.  No matter what you have done, no matter what you have become-come home.  The blood of Christ is sufficient for all our sins.  Run to him, he will not turn you away.  His grace and mercy and love is able to heal the deepest hurts.

Love and hugs always,

Your own mom, and your little nephew Noah

Letter to My Children (September 19, 2013)

Dear dear children,

     I love and weep each morning for you to return.  My heart is toward you, please turn your hearts toward your mom and dad and sister and nephew and all our relatives and friends again.  We hide nothing, we are walking in the light.  We speak, please listen.  If you are shutting out our voices, that is not the way of truth, light, the Way of God.  He hides nothing but instead reveals openly for the whole world to see.  He restores, and causes men to make restitution, and straightens things that are lame or crooked.  He exposes corruption, he exposes lies, he exposes darkness with the Light and the Truth.  You do not need to be afraid of being drawn away or enticed by someone else, only by the sin in our own hearts are we enticed.  I am not afraid of you or of Pastor Scott, I would be so glad to come down right away and see you all and talk to anyone you like.  Only let us be reconciled that the Gospel be not evil spoken of any longer in our lives. 
     Right now, people even Pastors have shared that our situation so tarnishes the gospel and the ministry of pastors to shepherd.  Because it causes folks not to trust pastors, and to cause the way of Truth to be evil spoken of.  The prayer below in the devotional, is one I have prayed often, that your hearts would be turned toward us, and ours to you.  That God may be glorified.
Love and hugs and tears always,

your mom

Letter to My Children (September 12, 2013)

Dearest children,

     Pray often for you to be kept in the midst of this awful storm, from evil.  That your conciences will not be defiled.  I love and pray for you all daily, and for myself to not give up, not grow weary in well doing, but to keep on trusting God to right the wrongs.  Jesus is coming so soon, and he loves you so much.  Lets not break his heart any longer by turning a deaf ear to the cries of your mom, dad, sister, nephew, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and dear old friends.  Hugs and kisses and tears always,


Letter to Sarah (August 31, 2013)

     .....please come home.  Bring your family, bring my children and come home.  I love you, my heart is broken, I would do anything to have you here.  Tell me what you want and I will do it.  But don't ask me to call evil good, or to call good evil.  
     Jac called and told me about your gift..  I cried.  That letter and pictures -you should be writing to your mom and dad and that gift should be to your sister and her husband.  Jac knows it, she cried when you sent it.  She told me how wrong it is, and no one thinks what you have done is godly. Everybody at CCA knows about what you are doing, Pastor Stroud gave a deposition to the lawyer and guardian in NY.  You cannot find a christian in NY who thinks this is godly.  You cannot find a non-christian who thinks this is good.  
      Please forgive me for trusting  men.  Two pastors have apologized for promoting Pastor Scott's ministry, and although they do not want me to mention their names anymore they are praying and hope you come out soon.  They just do not want the ire they receive from Calvary Temple, but to live their lives peacefully.  Why do you persecute the people Jesus bled an died for?  Why do you slander and defame your sisters and brothers in Christ?  I pray everyday for the pastors that God will give them the strength to make all the wrongs right.  To ask forgiveness to restore what has been taken away, to humble themselves before the Lord's return and not abuse the flock of God anymore.
     It is the truth. No matter what pressures to 'not offend', I am telling you the truth.  I am one of God's little chidren, and so are my children.  And anyone that causes us to stumble, the Scripture says it would be better for a millstone to be put around their neck and cast into the sea.  God
will fight for us.  
     I love you my dear sweet Sarah.  I see your photos online and I weep.  Everyday I look at your pictures, I look at pictures of Josh and Bean-the one Renee just sent made me cry.  She is so beautiful, and she looks so sad for not having her parents that would do anything for her-people from all over send me the photos I have no access to.  The photos of MY OWN CHILDREN and grandchildren.
     Only God can make such a horrible situation right.  I do not know what to do.  How could my own sweet babies do this?  But I love and forgive you, God will wipe aaway our tears soon.  In prayers often, God encourages me that we will soon be together again!  And I cannot wait for 
that day.

Love hugs and kisses and lots of tears

Letter to My Children (July 16, 2013)

Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

     I just got back from kissing and praying with Jordan your cousin.  He will be deploying in a few days to Afganistan, along with your brother-in-law Kyle whom you don't seem to even care about.  Your actions are breaking the hearts of your family.  Jordan is heading to war, without the love and care and support of his cousins that he has always loved, and with you Jonathan, respected.  You are sowing confusion among the hearts and minds of dozens of people, pastors have come to me sharing the insidiousness of this great misdeed, christians destroying christians and unbelievers. 
One pastor recently said this is like the catholics in the inquistion.  All I know is PLEASE I BEG YOU to talk with us, love us again, we love and weep for you each and every day.  My life is shattered.  Your dad is shattered, lies have caused this, but what the pastors have done to take advantage of dad's unsound mind is even more wrong. 
     My life is now a recluse, which is fine, I pray and take care of your father.  Once Pastor Scott told me, "You can't love Tom enough to make him obey." That is true, the implication was then I should stop loving him, as you have to me and all our family and friends.  But God doesn't stop loving us
when we disobey him.  Your dad has done a great wrong, but he is worthy to be loved and cared for. All men are.  The pastors have done a great wrong, but they deserve to be forgiven as well.   God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son...  Love gives and gives and never stops giving.  Love is willing to be taken advantage of, willing to be slandered, willing to keep on loving the unlovely. Love triumphs in the end.  Cutting off, putting away, slandering, stopping the ears from the piteous cries of people, is hatred not love.  It's not rocket science.  You know love by the deeds.  Deeds that do not match loving words cause confusion.  Like a man who beats his wife and tells her he loves her-it is abuse not love.  What you are doing is abuse.
      The wisdom of God is first pure (clear, easy to see through), peaceable, gentle (like a momma with her baby), easy to be entreated (easy to understand). This wisdom-these deeds of putting people away, cutting off, not answering phone or email or text, telling my little girl to run away, telling dad to  divorce your mom because she questioned Pastor Ron when he said things that were not Truth. These deeds are like the pharisees of old.  Jesus hated the deeds of those men, warned his disciples to not do them, said be imitators of God as dear children.  
      Remember my favorite verse Micah 6:8 What does the Lord require of you O man, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.
     Jesus is at the door, what will you say to him when he asks you why have you done this great evil, 'My pastor said so?'  We all must give an account for our own actions and words, maybe he will say 'Didn't I give you my Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth?'  Why then didn't you listen to Him?  Paul said If we or an angel from heaven bring any other doctrine, let him be accursed....the definition of Truth and Love is Jesus.  READ the gospels, where does Jesus ever do these deeds?  To Peter? To Thomas? To the ones who deserted him?  To the ones who tried to keep little children from him?  To his mother and family members who thought he was out of his mind because he was upsetting the religious world of his day?
     Did Jesus obey the religious rulers when he healed on the Sabbath?  Did he obey when he and the disciples ate grain on the Sabbath?  Who did Jesus rebuke for laying heavy burdens on the people?  I'm sure the pastors love God, but we all make mistakes, no pastor is perfect.  Come let us reason together says the Lord.  Now the Lord is perfect, yet he is willing to reason with sinful man.....MERCY triumphs over judgement.
      No matter what you do to us, we....I....will keep reaching out, loving you, calling, texting, writing, sending gifts, and even coming down to see you when I know you will not see me, and will call the police if I linger at your doors too long.  But I love you, and I long for you, and I know this breaks our Lord Jesus' heart. I have to- otherwise people up here may become bitter.  But when they see me continue to reach out toward you, it points them back to the love of Christ for the world.  He never stops loving and reaching out, so I have to follow his example.

God bless you my dear sweet children.

Your own mother